Provocative Praise Picks #2

This is the second installment of my new feature Provocative Praise Picks, where I write up a short note about – and provide a link to – whatever webcomic got me especially excited during the prior week, by some individual element, whether it be a page, a panel, a character or item, or one or more line(s) of dialog. This is unlike my more elaborate posts where I look at complete stories or storylines.

Here are some of the things that got me excited about webcomics last week:

  1. Learn why even being permanently stuck can be an overly optimistic situation assessment, on Unearth.
  2. Find out whho has been f***ed ove the hardest, on A Girl And Her Fed.
  3. Ponder if it’s better to stay down on Protege.
  4. Reflect about why you didn’t ask her out with Greasy Space Monkeys.

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