Provocative Praise Picks #3

Last week on Jeph Jacques’ excellent webcomic Questionable Content:

The last three pages of last weeks Questionable Content are part of a nice little storyline that started just now and will – unless there’s a scenen break coming – be continued next week. When protagonist Marten Reed, joined by his girlfriend Claire, enters Coffee Of Doom, his barrista friend Hannelore tells them that her benevolent mad scientist father send her a strange looking eletronic device, to have fun. Hilarity, as they say, ensues. But what makes the three pages awesome, rather than merely funny, is how well the characters are expressed in the dialogue:

On page 3043 we see Marten curious, but also anxious, if not to say timid, and Claire coming up with seemingly farfetched ideas; but the best performance is Hannelore’s, in the annoyed way she rejects the notion her father could make a toy, and the blase way she asserts she already has an app for targeting orbital railguns.

On the next page Marten and Hannelore continue their conversation, with Marten now becoming the more spirited partner, whereas Claire is voicing her own fear, and is obviously disconnected.

On last weeks final page the owner of Coffee Of Doom, Marten’s former girlfriend Dora, joins them and suggests the simple solution to just call Hannelore’s dad. How that throws off all three from their train (-wreck) of thought is wonderfully depicted, and finally Hannelore gets back in character, saying that she will only text her father, to not disturb him.

Now remember, this Wednesday will se the next Seven Questions About installment – where I’m asking sincerely and Elliwiny about their webcomic Opportunities – will be published in two weeks. So please, to fully understand what the questions and answers are about, take the time to read Opportunities!


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