Storytelling Scrutiny Squared: Trouble With Comics

This is the third installment of the Storytelling Scrutiny Squared feature, where I link to other folks who are interested in storytelling and provide information and insight, and demonstrate appreciation, attitude, or amusement.

This time I’m talking about Trouble With Comics, a website where a large group of comic enthusiasts post articles about a variety of subjects related to comics, or even adjacent topics like sci-fi or superhero movies.

Their Five Questions For Christopher Mills article inspired me to add the Seven Questions About feature on my own blog. (Note: I asked Christopher Seven Questions About Gravedigger, and those questions and his answers will be posted here on Sept. 30th.)

Trouble With Comics present interesting information in many different forms, like interviews, reports, reviews, reminiscences, and opinion pieces. Sometimes these are from one authors, or a few, but sometimes they all chime in on a specific topic.

To be frank, because they cover a lot of mainstream comics and superhero stuff, and only occasionally webcomics or thrillers/crime stories, much of the content is just not for me. But whenever they post something that falls in my Fatou Set of interests, I can be sure its interesting, intriguing, or valuable.

One problem with the folks is that they occupy a rather limited demographic range, but they are, indeed, fully aware of this issue, and try to remedy it, e.g. by posting a-call-for-more-voices.

So give them a try!

Also remember that you can provide your two cents via the comments!


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