Provocative Praise Picks #4

Today’s Provocative Praise Picks are from last week’s Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler.

In case you are not up to date with Schlock Mercenary, you need to know that the big spherical spaceship is a large tranport vessel, Cindercone, and that in its hold is, among other things, their flagship Broken Wind, and that the holographic lady is Cindercone‘s AI, aptly named Cindy.

The large Sunday strip sets up a dramatic scene, and offers surprising insight into the possibilities of using the word toast in wordplay. Without even actually using the we are toast metaphor.

Monday‘s shows how a Mad Scientist‘s understanding of physics can sometimes trump the tactical genius of an AI, to the point that the latter concedes: “I am stupid!

Tuesday‘s strip continues with the Mad Scientist mixing physics and tactics, so his squad has to defy physics on orders.

Of course, the story continues after that, and I certainly want to encourage you to read on, yourself!

If you really need further encouragement, this is yesterday’s Sunday page.

On Wednesday, I’ll post an article enigmatically called What to expect when you are expecting, which will not be about what you expect it to be about. (Though I assume you are aware I’m neither an OB/GYN nor a midwife.)

This week’s Provocative Praise Picks bonus: Here is a Misfile page that explores the meaning of Bikini Car Wash.


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