Provocative Praise Picks #5

Today’s Provocative Praise Picks are from last week’s Drive, usually by Dave Kellett, but this time a guest comic by Dylan Meconis.

If you don’t read Drive, you are missing out!

It’s epic sci-fi at its finest, and after a wild, wild ride, we were just told by it’s creator that we now have just finished Act One; which means there is so much more to come, which is hard to believe since we’ve already seen so much, but also easy to believe because we’ve seen what Dave is capable of. Hint: You won’t believe it. (OK, OK, I’ll stop here.)

In addition to all the wonderful stuff that Dave creates, recently the generosity of his Patreon supporters has enabled him to enlist a couple other artists to create short stories set in the Dri’verse.

The first of these tells the backstory of Nosh, who epitomizes the dictum that the story is serious, the characters are hilarious.

And last week, Your Distant Homeland – Page 8, showed a totally different side of Nosh, and of the whole Dri’verse, embedding past Old Mother Russia within modern days as well as the future Second Spanish Empire.

Someone commented that the comfort emanated by this page contrasts terribly with out knowledge of what happened to Nosh recently – he became Vinn-ified – and that someone is right!

So please, at your earliest possible convenience, go check out Drive!

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