Storytelling Scrutiny Squared: Trekker Talk

This is another installment of the Storytelling Scrutiny Squared feature, where I link to other folks who are interested in storytelling and provide information and insight, and demonstrate appreciation, attitude, or amusement.

Today I want to introduce you to the Trekker Talk folks, Darrin and Ruth Sutherland, who are busy on Twitter (and probably elsewhere) to promote things related to comics, podcasts, and other nerdy stuff, and most importantly, publish the monthly Trekker Talk Podcast.

As the name suggests, on that podcast they talk about the very cool Trekker. I love that comic, too, and have written about it occasionally, but where I have Trekker in my quiver as one of many arrows, they focus very much on it; they may very well be most avid Trekker fans ever.

Listening to them, and appreciating their enthusiasm as well as their eye for detail, is a joy.

The episode that I find most interesting is their live interview with Ron Randall, the creator of Trekker.

But I’m probably biased, because I’ve got an interview with Ron scheduled for next week as part of my Seven Questions About feature. Of course, I didn’t have the benefit of meeting Ron in person, and could not do an interactive interview, but I hope you will find my questions and Ron’s answers interesting, too. See you next Wednesday.

Do you have recommendations for webcomic related fan podcasts? Tell us in the comments!


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