Provocative Praise Picks #7

Today’s Provocative Praise Pick: Last week’s Questionable Content storyline by Jeph Jacques.

Questionable Content: Humans who need to grow a pair, and robots who are too cocky!

Apart from that, I won’t even try to explain what Questionable Content is about, firstly because I assume you are already reading it, like pretty much everybody else does, and secondly because it would be impossible to do. [Note: I also wrote about Questionable Content here.]

The storylines starts when veteran combat robot Bubbles arrives to join the main cast’s party.

Despite Bubble’s intimidating size and her brash attitude, the first round of introductions goes quite well, but when Hanner’s naive cloudcuckoolander’s cuteness clashes with the reality and harshness of war, and Bubble’s attempt to be as normal as possible is disturbed by the misguided admiration of the nerds, things get kinda awkward.

To save what can be saved, Faye tells Marten to do his usual dorky nice guy act, which he tries at his best, without being able to pierce Bubble’s armour (bad pun unashamedly intended).

Pintsize, well, lets just say, he’s Pintsize, if you catch my drift?

Finally, Bubbles decides to leave, Faye intervenes in person, but with suboptimal results, a dramatic climax of a wonderfully crafted little storyline.

Everything is spot-on in these few pages: Cool plot, excellent pacing, true-to-the-characters dialog, and visuals that support the story excactly as required.

Good job, Jeph!

How do you like this storyline? Which is your favourite storyline from Questionable Content?

Tell us in the comments!

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