Provocative Praise Picks #8

Today’s Provocative Praise Pick is the webcomic Elephants: Wild Again! by Mark Oftedal, or more precisely the first five pages (including the cover) of it, which is all that there is, right now as I’m typing.

This comic is an example of how a comic can be funny and fun, and interesting, even if it is executed in a very simple fashion, both in writing and in art, and doesn’t follow any road less travelled.

In the first page /cover page our hero is introduced, and immediately identifies himself as the worst possible combination of Doctor Exposition and Captain Obvious.

On the next page he adds a lot of bad puns to the mixture, and one more page later he demonstrates a lack of common sense and situation awareness, never seen since the days of the comedians of old.

On the most recent page yet, the story moves on, in a very cartoonish, and even quite silly, style.

How the comic manages to draw me in, nevertheless, and makes me looking forward to more pages to come, is a question I can’t answer. There must be something about it that’s real cool, and it might have to do something with the irreverence and boldness to use these old styles and tropes without any hesitation or shame.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

BTW, the most impressive webcomic page of last week was really from Dave Kellet‘s webcomic Drive, but that webcomic will be covered in more detail in my next post on Wednesday. As usual, I encourage you to check out and archive binge Drive in advance!

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