Provocative Praise Picks #9

Today’s Provocative Praise Pick is from last week’s Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler.

Wednesday’s page gave us A lawyer who uses words carelessly? Or at the very least, omits critical wording. This is very unexpected, because Massey Reynstein has been with Schlock Mercenary such a long time, and he has seen more than a fair share of mayhem and devastation. To call him the voice of reason may be overstating the case, but he’s been more often than not the advocate (sic!) of using ill-reputed words in lieu of perfectly fine weapons.

The Sunday pages explains and erudicates the case, when it is made clear that Massey was busy with – and deeply invested in – concocting a constitution. It should come to no surprise that being pulled away from that can confuse any man.

In one sentence, last week’s Schlock Mercenary was about making or breaking the law!

What is your favorite webcomic page from last week? Tell us in the comments!

One more thing: Last week there was also an awesome Drive update. See my upcomig post about Drive next week.

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