Storytelling Scrutiny Squared: Kelci D Crawford

This is another installment of the Storytelling Scrutiny Squared feature, where I link to other folks who are interested in storytelling and provide information and insight, and demonstrate appreciation, attitude, or amusement.

Today I want to talk about Kelci D Crawford, who is the skillfull artist, and often also the writer, behind a couple of cool webcomics, the best known of which is probably Validation, which is written by Christian Beranek. (Both answered my Seven Questions About Validation here.

The reason that I write about her in Storytelling Scrutiny Squared is that she also writes a blog full of cool stuff about comics, making comics, creating art, and pretty much anything that influences these endeavors, up to and including life, the universe, and everything.

Plus, she talks the talk, and she also walks the walk, by sharing her work-in-progress.

Another favorite topic of her are reviews of comics she reads, which she regularly features both on her blog and in a series of fascinating video blogs. Her reviews are short, concise, well-thought-out, engaged and engaging.

So if you do love reading about comics – and given that you read my blog, chances are you do – you will do well to check her out.

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