Provocative Praise Picks #10

Today’s Provocative Praise Pick is from last week’s Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques.

It is Thurday’s page that I find particularly interesting. The page shows a scene with Faye, Claire and the antropomorhic (well, sort of) robot Pintsize.

One page before, Pintsize misbehaved, par for the course, and now Faye wants to reign him in, and exact punishment. She wants to phyiscally incomodate him by stuffing his head with birdseed, but then Claire takes over and threatens to punish him by overloading him with boring data (library indexes and stuff) to bring the AI equivalent of a seizure upon him. Pintsize is scared and opts out, preferring Faye’s rather gross option instead.

What makes this page awesome is that while it is in line with the usual Faye/Pintsize dynamic it is driven by a great character moment for Claire, which is presented in sharp and witty dialog, as well as perfectly illustrated by the art.

Claire’s dialog is to the point: She is aloof, geeky, eloquent in her tech-speaky way, and performs her act cold as ice. No wonder Pintsize is scared.

The art for this page is pretty cool: The regular panel layout greates a natural and evenly paced conversation flow, but the color effect for panel four makes it stand out and marks the dramatic climax of the page. Claire’s facial expression is wonderfully drawn, and there’s an especially nice symmetry between her close-eyed look in the first and the last panel (since she is a librarian, this is book-ends in more than one sense of the word).

And if Claire takes center stage on this page, Faye and Pintsize are drawn as wonderful supporting actors. Faye’s expression is not uncommon for her, but it is refreshing to see how she is stunned by Claire’s handling of the situation, and in the last panel we can imagine that she is not onl afraid for Pintsize – which is a curious attitude for her – but also jealous, because she considers striking fear into others as her prerogative.

In a word: Aweseome!

What is your favorite webcomic page or panel from last week? Tell us in the comments!

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