Storytelling Scrutiny Squared: Beyond The Trailer, By & With Grace Randolph

This is another installment of the Storytelling Scrutiny Squared feature, where I link to other folks who are interested in storytelling and provide information and insight, and demonstrate appreciation, attitude, or amusement.

Today I want to talk about the YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer, which is created and hosted by Grace Randolph. On that YouTube channel you’ll find a plethora of videos about movies, especially geeky ones – whatever that’s supposed to mean – that are coming out now or are in development.

Grace’s speciality, as the title indicates, is to look at movie trailers with critical intellect and fully engaged heart.

She does quite interesting movie trailer reviews, e.g. Minions and The Martian, but she also talks about details that are leaked or otherwise much discussed. There is a whole series of videos that I’d call Suicide Squad Speculations, about who’s gonna behave good versus bad or about who’s gonna die?

Most interesting are Grace’s breakdowns or shot-by-shot trailer reviews, for example Suicide Squad and (the Netflix show) Jessica Jones. She goes into incredible detail, describes everything as it appears on the screen, and gives us her mind. She talks about artistic choices, speaks with great enthusiasm about all the stuff she likes in the movies, but also discusses problematic aspects, like pitfalls with the origin stories of female superheroes.

Grace also does full movie reviews. She loves to cheer movies and glee over them, she clearly loves great film-making and great stories, but she also looks into the deeper context. Her review of The Martian brims with optimism, but she doesn’t shy away from discussion of history and politics where it is important for the movie, like in her review of Sufragettes.

And if I don’t fully agree with all of her opinions when it comes to movies like Kingsman and Spy – for example I do not think that Miranda Hart’s performance in Spy was unfunny – I always find her comments thoughtful and interesting.

Check out Grace Randolph’s Beyond The Trailer!

Where do you look for information about upcoming movies? Tell us in the comments!

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