Provocative Praise Picks #11

Today’s Provocative Praise Pick is a page from last week’s Opportunities by Elliwiny and Sincerely.

It is the penultimate page of chapter 6, a page which delivers great dialog and characterization and sets up some crucial plot development.

The main characters on that page are Kyan, chief of security for the spaceships of an alien goodwill mission, and her subordinate officer Rex. Also important is the subject of their conversation, the wonderful lover & killer, sweet-talker & liar, charge-taker trouble-maker, and all-around femme fatale, Sara Emmet. That the latter is not an active part of the page, but still plays a central role, is a particularly charming storytelling detail. Another one is that Kyan has only one line of dialog, and it’s just a cheap quip, on a page that focuses on her thinking, and all the important visuals are dedicated to her reaction to what she hears.

The page has ten panels in four rows. Panel two, three, and four show the human visitors from a distance, with voice-overs from Rex, whose gesture in the first panel introduces these panels as the subject of his explanations. In the foreground of panel four we see Rex’ index finger pointing out Sara as the subject he wants to talk about.

Panel five shows both Rex and Kyan, but the emphasis is put on Kyan, who gives her subordinate a derisive look. On panel six she makes an hourglass gesture to point out the obvious: Rex is rather fond of shapely woman, and his obsession with Sara may be based on that, instead of the professional paranoia that fuels herself. Fun fact: Rex made a similar gesture when he came down from his observation round of the hotel pool on the roof.

Panel seven shows Kyan becoming rather introspective, and in panel eight she is even surprised and openly curious. This change in her attitude, clearly visible in these three panels which form the third row of the page, is caused by Rex’ explanations that he was indeed a professional observer, at least in part, and had noticed how Sara was performing some shenanigans that must be part of the evil plan that Kyan is so paranoid about. Note: Her professional paranoia is well-merited; we know that Sara and her co-conspirators are up to no good, indeed.

Panel nine is a close-up on Rex, again, while he relates the most crucial information: The additional pseudonym that Sara used while she was disguised.

Panel ten shows both of them, and closes this page with a sarcastic remark she would be dead if which emphasises Kyan’s drive to for action following from the information.

All in all, the dialog on this page is concise, cut out to form, and well-paced, and both the dialog and its effect on Kyan are excellently visualised.

In a sentence:Very well done!

What is your favorite webcomic page or panel from last week? Tell us in the comments!

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