Provocative Praise Picks #12

Today’s Provocative Praise Pick is yesterday’s page from Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler.

When Captain Tagon, in the third panel, complains about the need to do desk work, his father, General Tagon, in the fourth and last panel, explains to him that officer is almost the same word as office.

This presents an interesting idea of what it means to be an officer. Certainly, patriotic stories like An Officer And Gentleman tell us a very different story.

In the real world, German military training loves to refer to the words of one of the founders of the General Staff, who explained that officer comes from officium, meaning duty in Latin. This may or may not include sitting at a desk as an essential function.

As much as they were very different personalities, both Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill thought that state business and military affairs are best conducted through the written word. On the other hand I’d assume that the saying attributed to Stalin, the general staff is the part of the army that produces the greatest number of documents, was probably not meant as a compliment.

What is pretty clear is that the way Captain Tagon and Sergeant Schlock would love, namely to do only the fun part of the job, falls short of the actual requirements.

Do you have a webcomics pick that may pique our interest? Tell us in the comments!


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