Provocative Praise Picks

Provocative Praise Picks #4

Today’s Provocative Praise Picks are from last week’s Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler.

In case you are not up to date with Schlock Mercenary, you need to know that the big spherical spaceship is a large tranport vessel, Cindercone, and that in its hold is, among other things, their flagship Broken Wind, and that the holographic lady is Cindercone‘s AI, aptly named Cindy.

The large Sunday strip sets up a dramatic scene, and offers surprising insight into the possibilities of using the word toast in wordplay. Without even actually using the we are toast metaphor.

Monday‘s shows how a Mad Scientist‘s understanding of physics can sometimes trump the tactical genius of an AI, to the point that the latter concedes: “I am stupid!

Tuesday‘s strip continues with the Mad Scientist mixing physics and tactics, so his squad has to defy physics on orders.

Of course, the story continues after that, and I certainly want to encourage you to read on, yourself!

If you really need further encouragement, this is yesterday’s Sunday page.

On Wednesday, I’ll post an article enigmatically called What to expect when you are expecting, which will not be about what you expect it to be about. (Though I assume you are aware I’m neither an OB/GYN nor a midwife.)

This week’s Provocative Praise Picks bonus: Here is a Misfile page that explores the meaning of Bikini Car Wash.

Provocative Praise Picks #3

Last week on Jeph Jacques’ excellent webcomic Questionable Content:

The last three pages of last weeks Questionable Content are part of a nice little storyline that started just now and will – unless there’s a scenen break coming – be continued next week. When protagonist Marten Reed, joined by his girlfriend Claire, enters Coffee Of Doom, his barrista friend Hannelore tells them that her benevolent mad scientist father send her a strange looking eletronic device, to have fun. Hilarity, as they say, ensues. But what makes the three pages awesome, rather than merely funny, is how well the characters are expressed in the dialogue:

On page 3043 we see Marten curious, but also anxious, if not to say timid, and Claire coming up with seemingly farfetched ideas; but the best performance is Hannelore’s, in the annoyed way she rejects the notion her father could make a toy, and the blase way she asserts she already has an app for targeting orbital railguns.

On the next page Marten and Hannelore continue their conversation, with Marten now becoming the more spirited partner, whereas Claire is voicing her own fear, and is obviously disconnected.

On last weeks final page the owner of Coffee Of Doom, Marten’s former girlfriend Dora, joins them and suggests the simple solution to just call Hannelore’s dad. How that throws off all three from their train (-wreck) of thought is wonderfully depicted, and finally Hannelore gets back in character, saying that she will only text her father, to not disturb him.

Now remember, this Wednesday will se the next Seven Questions About installment – where I’m asking sincerely and Elliwiny about their webcomic Opportunities – will be published in two weeks. So please, to fully understand what the questions and answers are about, take the time to read Opportunities!

Provocative Praise Picks #2

This is the second installment of my new feature Provocative Praise Picks, where I write up a short note about – and provide a link to – whatever webcomic got me especially excited during the prior week, by some individual element, whether it be a page, a panel, a character or item, or one or more line(s) of dialog. This is unlike my more elaborate posts where I look at complete stories or storylines.

Here are some of the things that got me excited about webcomics last week:

  1. Learn why even being permanently stuck can be an overly optimistic situation assessment, on Unearth.
  2. Find out whho has been f***ed ove the hardest, on A Girl And Her Fed.
  3. Ponder if it’s better to stay down on Protege.
  4. Reflect about why you didn’t ask her out with Greasy Space Monkeys.

Provocative Praise Picks #1

Today, I start yet another new feature, Provocative Praise Picks, where I write a short note about – and provide a link to – whatever webcomic update got me excited during the prior week.

Here are some of the things that got me excited about webcomics last week:

  1. Expert advice: You have to kill the big one. What sounds like a Heisenberg quote from Breaking Bad is actually a line of dialog from Kappa.
  2. Brilliant example of trouble & strive over strategy & tactics in Schlock Mercenary.
  3. Taking the High Ground over the Fine Ground in Wasted Talent.
  4. The most efficient superhero today, in terms of lives saved per dollar, is Speedsheet, who can analyze spreadsheets at speeds far beyond those of mortal men, see SMBC.
  5. Think that Fantastic Four was the worst comic to movie adaption possible? You may want to rethink that! See Space Junk Arlia.
  6. For an easy solution to the tough problems posed by accidental interdimensional travel see Relativity.
  7. Enjoy how Romance actually can be about fu***** the sh** out of ye olde cliche, in Seeing Him.
  8. Meet Jeremy, the Sentient Assembly Arm, on Questionable Content.
  9. How fast the flight plan changes from leisurely to very, very, very, very quick, on Drive.

The next Provocative Praise Picks will be posted next Monday, but in the meantime:

On Wednesday, I’ll post the first installment of the new Seven Questions About feature, for which I interviewed the writer of the wonderful webcomic Broken Telephone.

On Friday, I’ll start another new feature, Storytelling Scrutiny Squared, where I provide links to others interested in storytelling and providing information, insight, appreciation or amusement.