Legal & Stuff

All material on this blog is copyrighted. Permission to use all or part of any page or blog post, except as a direct link, must be obtained from the author.
Small parts of individual posts may be quoted as permitted per “fair use” regulations, but any such quotation must be attributed to the author,  and a link to the original post must be provided if technically possibly, i.e.  if the quote is posted, or made available, online.
All posts reflect the personal opinion of the author.
Any comment reflects the personal opinion of the person who wrote it. By accepting a comment on this blog, the blog author does not endorse the opinion of the comment writer.
No copyright infringement is intended with any of the material posted.
If you are a copyright holder and determine that your copyright has been violated by the blog author, be assured that it was a mistake made in good faith, and send an email to the author, using “timothy DOT g DOT cramer AT gmail DOT com”,  in order to have the mistake corrected.

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