Jim Zub

Storytelling Scrutiny Squared: Jim Zub

This is another installment of the Storytelling Scrutiny Squared feature, where I link to other folks who are interested in storytelling and provide information and insight, and demonstrate appreciation, attitude, or amusement.

Today I want to introduce you to the Jim Zub, who does a lot of different things, but is mostly known as a comic writer and an educator, and writes about comics on his website Zub Tales.

If you are only interested in comics as a consumer, you should check out what he writes about his famous comics Skullkickers and Wayward.

If you want to know more about how the comics business works, e.g. about how much of the money you pay actually ends up in the creator’s hand, you may want to read Jim’s articles about the Economics of Creator Owned Comics.

If you are also interested in creating comics, have a look at Jim’s Tutorials.

Jim Zub is especially famous for his advice on Writing Comics.

Listen to the man, for he speaks from experience!

Who else do you go for to learn about the secrets of making comics? Tell us in the comments!