Wasted Talent

Provocative Praise Picks #1

Today, I start yet another new feature, Provocative Praise Picks, where I write a short note about – and provide a link to – whatever webcomic update got me excited during the prior week.

Here are some of the things that got me excited about webcomics last week:

  1. Expert advice: You have to kill the big one. What sounds like a Heisenberg quote from Breaking Bad is actually a line of dialog from Kappa.
  2. Brilliant example of trouble & strive over strategy & tactics in Schlock Mercenary.
  3. Taking the High Ground over the Fine Ground in Wasted Talent.
  4. The most efficient superhero today, in terms of lives saved per dollar, is Speedsheet, who can analyze spreadsheets at speeds far beyond those of mortal men, see SMBC.
  5. Think that Fantastic Four was the worst comic to movie adaption possible? You may want to rethink that! See Space Junk Arlia.
  6. For an easy solution to the tough problems posed by accidental interdimensional travel see Relativity.
  7. Enjoy how Romance actually can be about fu***** the sh** out of ye olde cliche, in Seeing Him.
  8. Meet Jeremy, the Sentient Assembly Arm, on Questionable Content.
  9. How fast the flight plan changes from leisurely to very, very, very, very quick, on Drive.

The next Provocative Praise Picks will be posted next Monday, but in the meantime:

On Wednesday, I’ll post the first installment of the new Seven Questions About feature, for which I interviewed the writer of the wonderful webcomic Broken Telephone.

On Friday, I’ll start another new feature, Storytelling Scrutiny Squared, where I provide links to others interested in storytelling and providing information, insight, appreciation or amusement.