Timothy G Cramer is a sucker for superb storytelling, foremost in webcomics, but also in TV shows, movies and novels (and, sometimes, even operas).

He loves to immerse himself into great stories and enjoy them. He also loves to scrutinize the storytelling to understand and fully appreciate the talent, diligence and hard work of the creators.

He is always happy to bestow praise and offer provocative – but always constructive – feedback to creators whose work he loves, especially webcomic writers and artists, who often, unless their comic is already internet-famous, struggle to gauge the impact of their hard, time-consuming, and often unpaid work.

His taste is idiosyncratic and erratic, there’s no obvious way to tell which stories will or will not appear to him, he loves one story and doesn’t love another, irrespective of genre, style, creator, or associated fandom.

He’s got a degree in physics and works as a software development engineer, and has experience with semiconductor technology, railways control, medical devices, and navigation systems.

He is not, however, a proper geek, nerd, …

He is a straight cis white male, but most of his – real-life or online – friends and acquaintances differ from him in at least one of those categories. That makes him happy.

He lives in Munich, Germany. It is a fine place to live.

He can be reached at – mutatis mutandis – Timothy G Cramer at G Mail Dot com


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